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IR Remote Control 4 Nikon Canon Sony Pentax Konica

$6.99  CAD

  • Features:

    • This Universal IR Remote Control is the well-priced but high-quality remote for Nikon, Canon,Penta, Sony, Konica.
    • This slim wireless remote instantly triggers the shutter without disturbing the camera, making it ideal for objects that are difficult to approach or for situations in which you need to minimize vibrations.
    • The remote will trigger the shutter release from a distance of up to 16ft. Great for situations when you need to be away from the camera such as wildlife photography, or for Night time or low light photography, the remote will enable you to fire the shutter without touching the camera therefore avoiding the dreaded camera shake.
    • The remote allows you to include yourself in the photo and fire the camera remotely when you're ready.
    • The remote control interacts directly with camera support IR Remote mode.
    • Support normal button batteries (CR2025).
    • Please set your Camera in Remote Mode before use it.

    Compatible with:

    •  Nikon
      D90, D80, D70S, D70, D50, D40,D40X,D60,8400, 8800, Pronea S,
      F75, F65, F55, N65, N75, Nuvis S, Lite Touch,

    • Pentax
      *istDS2, *istDS, *istDL2, *istDL, *istD, K100, K110, K10D,K200D,K20D
      Optio S6/S60, Optio S5z/S5n/S5i, Optio S4i/S4, Optio SV/SVi,
      Optio 550/555, Optio 750z, Optio 330/430[rs], *ist, MZ-6


      Alpha a230 a330 a380 a700 a900 NEX-5

    • Konica/Minolta
      DiMAGE F100, DiMAGE F200, DiMAGE F300, DiMAGE A200,
      DiMAGE S414, DiMAGE S404, DiMAGE S304,
      /Dynax /Maxxum 5 Date, /Dynax /Maxxum 4 Date, /Dynax /Maxxum 3(L) Date,
      /Dynax /Maxxum 40, /Dynax /Maxxum 50 Date, /Dynax /Maxxum 60, /Dynax /Maxxum 70,
      Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 20, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 75W,
      Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 115 Date, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 125 Date,
      Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 130, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 140/160(A),
      Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 150 Date

    • Canon
      EOS450D,EOS 400D, EOS 350D, EOS 300D, EOS 30/33/30V,
      Rebel X XT XTi XSi
      EOS 50/55, EOS kissIII, EOS kissIIIL, EOS 100,
      EOS 10, EOS 300V, EOS 300X, 300VQD,
      ELAN7, Rebel T1 Date, Rebel T2 Date, Z180u,
      Z155, 120, 370Z, 370Z,


  • Package includes:


            Universal IR remote x 1pc

    • CR2025 Battery x 1pcs




  • Model: Remo-3

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