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800W Umbrella Photo Lighting Kit

$159.00  CAD

I couldn't be more pleased with these lights. The stands are sufficiently sturdy and, if one uses common sense (and due care), there's little danger of them collapsing or falling over.....unless you allow small children and animals to run rampant in your home. The fluorescent bulbs are a tad bit awkward to negotiate screwing them in but I got the knack for it after several attempts. The carrying case is surprisingly well made. There are straps inside to hold the stands and umbrellas. I saved the styrofoam shipping inserts (and boxes) for storing the bulbs.

I am a fairly accomplished amateur photographer. I use to develop my own photos back in the day. After I got married, the kids came along and they became the focus of my photographic efforts. With grandkids, retirement and digital cameras...I found renewed passion for photography and I set out to equip my home "studio".
There are a number of low to moderately priced lighting "kits" and it was tough decide which one to buy.....or what I really needed. I got lucky with these lights. Set up is easy. No instructions are needed actually. I wasn't sure how to place the lights so as to get those perfect portraits. However, I found sites online that give free advice about lighting .....and just about everything else that one would need to know about photography.
Date Added: 08/10/2010 by Allan Cheung
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